Welcome to PEAK Worship!

Our mission is "Building People, Serving God." We believe God has called the church to be a movement and not an establishment.

PEAK Worship is a place where everyone is welceomd! We want to thank youf or taking the time to learn more aobut our church and the many ministries available to serve you and your family. Our desire is to help others reach their PEAK in God!


PEAK is a place where people are equipped to reach their upmost potential, their PEAK in God.  Here at PEAK, the word of God is the foundation to “Building People”.  We teach the entire word of God, from Genesis to Revelation.  As the inspired word of God goes forth and penetrates the hearts of individuals, people are changed, transformed, healed, restored, and gain a new perspective of who they are in God.  


As a result, “Serving God” becomes a lifestyle.  Jesus came to serve, not to be served.  As we grow our relationship with God, our lives should mirror the life of Jesus through serving others.  Your servanthood should be evident in every area of your life.  Servanthood begins at home, with your family.  As you serve those closest to you, your level of service will increase and overflow to the church.  


We value community.  Connecting with people within our community is so important.  “Building People, Serving God”, makes PEAK Worship a movement and not an establishment.  Here at PEAK, we want to impact our community to better the lives of people we serve.  We reach people through our internal ministries and our many outreaches.